La Casa Lobo (2018)

This Chilean animated project has everything: a very creative approach towards a especially untouched subject. In a historical science fiction unlike any other, we witness the experience of Maria (Amalia Kassai), a girl living in Colonia Dignidad, Chile, who is fleeing from the dangers of this infamous cult.

Colonia Dignidad has a story that couldn’t be adapted into anything but an absolute nightmare. Before being used as detention and torture grounds, this settlement was populated by German immigrants who also brought in children used for slave work for many years. Their leader, Paul Schäfer, was an infamous pederast who abused dozens of these children while they lived in his camp. Joaquín Cociña and Cristobal León take a big inspiration from these events during the film’s development and use Schäfer (Rainer Krause) as the voice of a manipulative narrator, making for an interesting quasi-fairy tale with a dense background.

The craftsmanship behind the movie as well, is nothing short of incredible. The filming process took over 4 years and a portion of it was recorded while visiting 12 different art galleries in Latin America and Europe. The creators worked with clay, cardboard, masking tape, and many other materials to create distinctive life-size models. As a dreadful Maria spends more time by herself in an abandoned house, her hallucinations are projected through set pieces and characters changing in shape, size, and form.

Every aspect of ‘Wolf House’ is highly stylistic and original. The critics’ consensus as seen on is of “universal acclaim”, and an averaged score of 86. Go see for yourself how this powerful work of art earned its reputation

written by Diego Ballesteros, October 1, 2021